XLR over CAT Box with LAN/Ethercon

Stagebox single

Rugged stagebox including four XLR-sockets and two linked Ethercon/RJ45 sockets

Anodized aluminium housing with versatile mounting options für cableties, safety wire, velcro or screws. Additional M10 thread on the bottom für fixing spigot or bolt.

Compact enclosure for universal light and sound applications. Not only perfect for stage and truss, but also a handy device for every toolcase

The following versions are available:

SMS-3M In/out Ethercon, XLR 3-pin male
SMS-3F in/out Ethercon, XLR 3-pin female

RSP each 169 EUR incl. VAT 19% (142.02 EUR net)

SMS-3J In/out Ethercon, XLR 3-pin female/Jack Combi

RSP each 179 EUR incl. VAT 19% (150.42 EUR net)

SMS-5M In/out Ethercon, XLR 5-pin male
SMS-5F in/out Ethercon, XLR 5-pin female

RSP each 189 EUR incl. VAT 19% (158.82 EUR net)

Application example:

Single row XLR/Cat adapter box with various mounting options, e.g. eyebolt, coupler, spigot

Catcore Audio/DMX over Cat extender Box