X8 Touringrack for 8-channel amp 2HE, Amptown Case with stacking dishes and CatCore Patchbays, shown with powersoft X8

X8 Touringrack

8-Channel Touring-Amprack with trucksize outlines, hideaway doors, all connectors on front with CatCore patchbays

Standardized Touring-Rack in Amptown Case with 80x60cm trucksize. Doors fully recessable, front transparent, backside closed with air outlets. Cable outlets with dust protection allow use even with doors fully closed. (not recommended at high load due to thermal reasons). Amp railed in steel profiles for maximum stability. Perfect weight balance for stacking, deep dishes provide extra stability. A stack of two racks matches exactly a tipped (120 cm client) for cones optimized use of truckspace.

Prepaired with one CatCore audio and speaker patchbay each. Internal wiring by customer, or with our cable-sets. Mains cord can be stored under the devices, and can be assembled by client to his specific preferences. (16A CEE 3phase with 5x2,5mm² H07RN-F recommended.). Perfect fit for Powersoft X8 or similar 8-Channel amps, e.g. as system amping for Outline GTO.

Cableset including:

12 Pcs. patchcord 0,75m, XLR Neutrik black 3-pin incl. laser engraving, AES/EBU

2 Pcs. patchcord 0,75m, Ethercon Neutrik, CAT5e cable, PUR-housing, Hirose connectors

4 Pcs. patchcord 0,75m, Neutrik NL4 Speakon, 4x4mm²

The following versions are available:

X8 Touring Rack price upon request

RSP each 0 EUR incl. VAT 19% (0 EUR net)

X8 Audio Cable Set 8-channel XLR and Speakon

RSP each 489 EUR incl. VAT 19% (410.92 EUR net)

X8 Cat Ethercon Patch PUR-Cable 1m

RSP each 34 EUR incl. VAT 19% (28.57 EUR net)

Application example:

Powersoft X8 in Amptown Flightcase, CatCore Audio rack panels

Powersoft X8 Ampracks. Complete wiring on the front allows quick setup without fishing in the dark and misconnections, furtheron no space behind the amp is required except a small gap for ventilation.

Stable stacking thanks to deep stacking dishes and perfectly balanced weight. Racks can be stacked for transport, a twin stack matches exactly a tipped 120cm cable trunk. The rock solid Amptown CPA-Racks feature recessable lids - avoiding any empties during the show.